Seoul, South Korea

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We made it to Seoul! We’ve heard so much about Seoul before flying down for the long awaited Seoul Fashion Week SS17. Honestly, we didn’t know much about the city although I have been there before but only for 72 hours. We never really had a plan on what we were going to do or where we were going to go, but that was the fun part! Anyway, we really want to give a big shoutout to Air Asia X because our trip wouldn’t be made possible without Air Asia X!

Before we start our Seoul travel diary, we just want to share with you guys about some steps on the Self Bag tag at the LCCT2 Airport. It’s a new way to make things easier and more convenient for Air Asia guests. With Self Bag Tag, you can self print your bag tags for a seamless airport experience. It’s pretty easy, you can choose to print your bag tags at home or at the kiosk. 

Step 1 : Check in for your flight
Step 2 : Scan the 2D barcode 
Step 3 : Print your boarding pass
Step 4 : Select ‘Print Baggage Tag’ and print your bag tags
Step 5 : Tag your bags with printed bag tags and head to the baggage drop counter to check in your bags. Now we’re ready to fly!

We were both seated at the Quiet Zone where it is especially quiet and we can totally chill out on the airplane. As for the inflight meals, we had the Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Grandma’s Chicken Pie and T&CO Vietnamese Ice Coffee. For any of you who are coffee lovers, Vietnamese Iced Coffee is one of their latest beverage on their menu, we suggest you guys to give it a try next time.  

Ok! Now back to the topic. People visit Seoul for several reasons: K-pop, beauty products, fashion and food! The first post of our Seoul travel diary is all about our Korean food adventure. When you travel to Seoul, what should you eat? We have compiled a short list of street food that you should try when you’re in Seoul. The list consists of all of our favourite Korean street food.

The stick of fish cake comes with a cup of soup. This is the best and the cheapest street food you’ll find everywhere in the city. We love having it during winter season because of the hot soup that warms our body. 

Korean chicken skewers grilled with onions, giving it a tender, soft and juicy BBQ flavor. 

You can get these pretty much anywhere in Seoul. Spicy rice cake is spiced up with sweet chili sauce and served with fish cakes, boiled egg and sausages. We love the chewy texture and with the hot chili sauce. Delicious!

Fried Squid
You have to try Korean fried squid. The coating is crisp and just done just right! 

A fish-shaped waffle filled with sweetened red bean. Sweet and yummy!

Grilled Cheese
This is our most favorite street food! Probably because the both of us are cheese lovers! The cheese combined with rice cake, we bet you can imagine the chewy and rich flavor of the cheese! 

Fried Chicken 
We highly recommend you guys to try their fried chicken. It’s crispy, juicy and delicious! The best place to get it are in KyoChon and TwoTwo! "

There goes our first part of our trip! We hope that you guys enjoyed the reading it. We’ll be back again for the second part soon, till then! 


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  1. Seem like got a lot of good and tasty foods to eat in Korea. Feel hungry now...


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