Pretty damn fast one year flew by just like that, yeah? I’ve definitely learned a lot in this whole year. Some stuff I wish I never had to learn and some stuff I’m so glad I did finally learn. But one thing for sure is I’m very grateful for all these things. Growing up and hitting my late twenties wasn’t like what I’ve expected, but everything went smoothly and I was so blessed with so many opportunities. It really made me realize that so much has changed since then.
Here’s everything I’ve learned this year…

Eyeshadow primer is the ultimate weapon.
Eyeshadow primer is a complete make-up game changer for anyone with above average face grease. IT KEEPS YOUR EYE SHADOW ON ALL DAY. ALL DAY! And there’s not a cakey crease in sight. What a delight. Thanks to the beauty goddes, my prayers have been answered.

Don’t be a half-ass friend.
You and I both know this one! No one loves a half-ass friend! If you have a friend who is genuine and treats you with his/her heart, don’t mess things up. Good friends are very hard to come by, so when you do find friends you can trust with all your heart, be the best possible friend you can to them. And if you so happen to meet someone who’s effortless in the friendship, feel no guilt for walking away. The people you surround yourself with make a huge impact on your life, so always choose wisely and surround yourself with positive people.

Don’t let success get to your head and don’t let failure go to your heart
Success is a wonderful thing. Don’t become puffed up beyond recognition, or do other things, which may actually lead to failure down the road. Whether it ends good or bad, it was an experience. Speaks for itself really. When you’re doing well, never forget that it could all take a turn in a single second and same goes for when you’re not doing so well. There’s always something around that corner.

Explore new places every chance you get.
Life is just about earning money! Adventures wait for nobody. Whether you're on a vacation to somewhere new or going on a quick work trip, enjoy the opportunity to try and explore new things.  Sometimes I just want to get a ticket and hop on the plain and go away for a few days just to get some breather. Travelling is one thing you'll never regret.  No matter how tiring it is or how jet lagged I get, I literally pause and find myself in awe of how incredibly blessed I am.  Try to take every opportunity you can, travel to each and every city possible (big or small), and appreciate each and every moment you're there.

Never get jealous
 Girls will be girls no despite the age. We can’t fully avoid the silent war between bloggers. Living a life of comparison or coveting can literally be miserable at times. Don't get me wrong, it's human nature to occasionally feel those emotions, but you will sleep so much better when you can just be more open hearted about things. Focus on what's important and forget all the rest. 

Celebrate everything, always.
Whether it's a promotion at work, a deal you've been working on that finally came through, a bit of good news you received, just celebrate it all.  Most of the time in life, it's the little things in life that count, so you might as well celebrate each and every chance you get.

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