Last week's Monday was a better one. My assistant and I went for brunch, and discussing the latest plans and photoshoot for my blog. Since sometimes my thoughts get stuck due to working alone, I always like to share my ideas with friends and assistant. And there's nothing better to do so during an unofficial Monday brunch meeting. 

I wore something easy and casual, including my new Yang Li Jacket and my beloved dad cap from Balenciaga. 

After the brunch meeting, I was trying to write this post because I've been wanting to share this with you guys because I know most of you guys want to know more about the law of attraction and how the law of attraction changed my life. It's inspired me so much and I kept trying and practicing almost everyday of my life, and now I just want to write this post telling you guys about it, hopefully trying to show you how I apply it to my day-to-day life, and the most importantly how much it's helped me now. 

First of all, the law of attraction is not really a new thing to me, I probably heard about it like 4-5 years ago from The Oprah Winfrey Show. I always heard people talking about it and I kind of always just thought that it was about positive thinking and always seen the good in things and just trying to be positive when you are facing some adversities. The fact is, I don't really understand the depth of the law of attraction until I came across a book called, Advance Law of Attraction Techniques. I listened to the audiobook because I am an easily distracted reader, yet I just found it a lot easier to understand the concept while I listening to it because it quite a complicated topic to get my head around. The idea behind the law of attraction is quite simple - what do you think about comes about whether you want it or not. I know there's a lot of people tend to think about something that really really want it and it will come to your life and that's not really how it works. For an example, you want some cool friends and using the law of attraction. You ended up stressing about it and thinking about it in a negative way like, why I haven't see the improvement yet and so on. So the vibration you're putting out into the universe is quite opposite because you're constantly upset or being impatient about it. You are allowing these negative thoughts to affect your emotion, and that is the whole thing behind the law of attraction. Your thought must to bring out a happy emotion, a positive emotion. 

Behind the law of attraction, the idea is that your thoughts control everything in your life, and your thoughts create everything in your life. So whatever you are in today, that has been created through your thought and I am certainly agree with this. Let me be more specific with you. If you are thinking a certain thing and yet you are trying to force a smile and force to thinking in a positive way, all of that is completely washed away because your true thoughts are stressing about things, and that is what actually brought to you in real life. I know it is very hard to do it or practice it because you will find yourself often thinking about things from a place of lack more than a place of abundance and that is the hardest part in the law of attraction. You have to feel it as you already have it before you have it. If you want to be a wealthy person, you have to feel like you already have abundance of money. You have to be free with your money and be stressless. When you are spending money and thinking stuffs like what do you gonna do for your next bill or so stress about spending the money, that is not helping at all. I used to had the financial stress and always felt so tight with my money until I started to become way more relaxed with my money and money started to flow to me. I am not saying I have a huge amount of money but I can see the improvement. Most of you know how much I love fashion, especially those pricey designer pieces. But how I gonna have them all if I don't have enough of money? I used to afford only one or two pricey items in a year, and like most of the people I was spending it so stressfully. Until I started to applying the law of attraction, trying to practice and spend my money without the stress, guess what? You can see the improvement from my outfits, my blog and my Instagram, I am getting more and more designer pieces I love and I do have the ability to afford most of them. That's my real experience. I honestly believe that our thoughts are everything because there is no there sense behind the law of attraction. 

Easier said than done. I know this is sounds so hard to you guys. I am not trying to ask you to control your thoughts all the time, it will drive you crazy. My personal trick is to apply the law of attraction in my daily life is when I am feeling a certain way or I am feeling upset or depress, I will say to myself this is what I don't want, and now I want to focus what I do want, so I can at least feel slightly better. What I mean is every time when you feel something bad, you have the choice to feel slightly better. You don't have to force yourself to feel immediately happy about it because that is definitely a wrong way to do. If every time you constantly choose to feel slightly better when you are facing some adversities, the law of attraction will bring steady improvement to your experience. Having slightly better is better than feeling upset or frustrated about things in your life. Feeling hopefulness is better than depression. 

Another trick I love is making a scrapbook. Yes, you can make your dreams come true by making a scrapbook of your visions or goals. You are a visionary. There is nothing better than having your vision on paper with images, and the steps to get there, except having those visions come alive. I have plenty of scrapbooks and when I was looking back at them, it's surprised me because most of the dreams or goals I had been cut and pasted are came true. Like attending Paris Fashion Week or be a cover girl of authoritative fashion magazine. You see, if you are not just dreaming about how you want your life to progress but listing them is so much helpful. You can feel that you can definitely achieve these goals you have for your life.

I know what are you thinking but this is not a cliche. There are so many little things that we completely take for granted. If you are having a bad skin problem, you can actually be thankful other parts of your body like you have better sight or you have the ability to get out from your bed yourself. You can love yourself instead of complaint about it. Like me, I don't have supermodel-height but I do love my eye colors and I love my flat tummy and so on. Whenever you feel negative emotion you could say to yourself that you are actually in the process of attracting something you do not want. Even if you do not have what you want right this moment, you have to start feeling as you already have it. The main thing behind the law of attraction is what you think about, you will attract it whether you want it or not. So, trust me. You really don't have to rush this practice. Take your time, find the best way you can apply it to your daily life. I hope this post will help you to be more happier in your life. 

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