They say blondes have more fun, but lets be real here. Taking care for blonde hair can be a real hassle. I’ve been bleaching my hair blonde for a long time. I have very damaged hair as I’ve bleached my hair for several times. I went from black to blonde, to blue, to ash purple, to red, to dark brown and back to blonde. My once silky hair turned to straw, became brittle and breakable when brushed, and wouldn’t get oily until three days after a wash. I mean can you imagine how crazy I am? I know that if I continue bleaching my hair, breakage is going to happen no matter how many conditioning products I use. 

I’m still on a never-ending quest for long and healthy blonde hair. To be honest, I using at least 5 haircare products to keeps my blonde hair bright and healthy. As I said, breakage is going to happen no matter how many haircare products I use. My hair has always been on the thin side. Or maybe it’s lost its fullness as I’ve gotten older. (Hair ages. Sigh.) Either way, there’s only so much that backcombing and volumizers can do. More and more, I’m turning to hair supplements to give their roots a boost from the inside. 

Every women want thicker, fuller and healthy hair. And sometimes your hair products just don’t move the needle. To maintain shiny, health hair and provide the nutrients your hair needs, Blackmores Vital Shine work to promote healthy and strong hair, prevent hair greying and prevent hair loss. I know there’s some people don’t like swallowing pills. The Blackmores Vital Shine is the first hair tonic in the market and it’s certified halal by THIDA (Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association) which is a halal body recognized by JAKIM, Malaysia. 

The Blackmores Vital Shines made up of natural ingredients - He Shou Wu(Fo-Ti), Bamboo shoot extract, millet seed extract, white tea extract and sea buckthorn for maintaining healthy hair, reduces premature hair graying and build stronger hair from roots. And I like the flavor and sweeteners from apples! It taste like apple juice! 

Yes! This is my real hair. I started to drink this when I was experiencing severe breakage, split ends and hair loss. I drinking one bottle everyday and drinking a lot of water. Make sure to shake well before drinking. When I’m on my fourth bottle, It seems fuller and more elastic. But I have to be patient and take it for 1-2 weeks at least to seeing some difference. 

After about a week, my hair seemed thicker at the root and seemed smoother and stronger. 

Also, I noticed that it does really reduces my hair loss problem when I brush my hair. (*Left: After Vital Shine, Right: Before Vital Shine)

I saw the results after 2 weeks and a half! My hair felt and looked nourished from not just the outside but on the inside as well. I have fine and damaged hair that require extra helps to stay healthy and strong and Blackmore Vital Shine exceeded all of my wildest hair dreams! I must say, it does work wonders. My hair was stronger, shinnier and thicker! 

If any of you have the same hair problems like me, I will recommend you to try out the Blackmores Vital Shine. It really works on me, and most importantly is very convenient and good tasting. To find out more info you could click this link


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