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So, are you looking for some fun stuff to kill your boredom during your free time? Is there something you wish you could spend your free time doing that added net worth to your name? You know, I've spent most of my time to figuring out what exactly I want for my life. And it's sad to say the majority of my time is wasted. I turn on TV or Facebook, sometimes medicate myself with alcohol just to burn time which is complete a waste. After a hundred mistakes and long-time-research, I found out there are three most important things you need to start spending your time on, if you are serious about becoming a winner in the game of life like I do.

No.1 Exercise
I know this first task is difficult but trust me, with so much free time on our hands we need to have energy to be active during this time. It's actually been proven by studies that people who workout have more energy throughout the day. If you don't have energy, you are going to spend most of your precious free time on effortlessly things like Netflix or gaming. A simple workout program like starting strength is enough for you to get started on improving your fitness and gaining more energy throughout the day. If you are wondering how do I start my workout. Well, I am a huge cellphone user and that is why I prefer using technology to help me keep in shape and motivate myself. Yes, I am using an app called a 30 Days Challenge. The app is free and have specific workout that you need to do everyday for thirty days. The idea of the app is you can't escape it as it is always in your phone, and the best part is each daily workout takes only 10-15 minutes, so a great one for daily conditioning that delivers surprisingly effective results. 

No.2 Reading
I know you think this is clich. But hear me out, most of the stuff you are learning in school is not really helpful at all (or outdated). Please don't get me wrong, I am trying to tell that the large majority of information you are learning in school will not be used once you graduate. In my experience, real life knowledges like managing finances, social skills, dating and communication skills are basically not existed in school. A famous entreprenuer once said you can be an expert in any field by reading just three books on the subject. By simply reading three books you will know more about any subject than 80% of people out there. So, if you are like me want to succeed at the game of life, you have to focus on reading more on self-improvement books because they provide pratical knowledge that can be applied in real life. One of my favorite book is The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

No.3 Network
This extremely important to everyone, you and I both know the network is one of the main key to win the game of life. There are many networking events exist outside the space of your work place, include cocktail parties, weekend breakfasts, or even after-hours gatherings. If you want be a successful one you have to willing to step outside your comfort zones in an effort to meet new people. The wider your network of contacts is, the more opportunities you will have in your life. 

No.4 Meditation
Don't think this is a joke. Meditation is one of those things that have been proven by studies a hundred times over to be extremely beneficial yet very rare people does it. I guess I know the reason why nobody does it. Probably because on the surface it's one the most boring activity out there - you sit and do nothing. Well, I have to be honest with you, I am still working on it. But I can tell you meditation is more than you think. When you meditation you are actually training your brain yet you are learning how to control what thoughts to focus on and which thoughts to ignore. Meditating for just 10 minutes a day is more enough to start reaping the benefits and also gives you the headspace for creativity. 

These four tasks in my opinion are truly helpful yet most important things you should focus on in your free time. I hope this article is help, if you have any thought please do let me know. 


  1. Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips :)
    I seem to forget #2. This post acts as the wake up call, gotta think what's the book to read :)


  2. This is amazing and I love every single piece. Well Done GIRLS. Wishing you both much happiness and success that you deserve in life.


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