A hairy post for you all today! I have a huge hair care obsession next to skincare that it so I always like to try new products. I’ve really been focusing on taking care of my hair lately. I color my hair quite frequently, I normally go for platinum blonde, so my hairstylist has to bleach my hair which tends to damage and dry my hair a lot. It is very important for me to treat my hair with extra care, and I use tons of good hair care products for repairing and protection. 

This post is to share my new discovery; Botanist Botanical Shampoo and Treatment range. I spotted Botanist Botanical range when I was in Japan and Taiwan. It’s usually displayed at the front of all the drug-stores, which got my attention so I thought I would give them a try. 

Botanist is an award winning shampoo and treatment range from Japan. Over 90% of the Botanist range is comprised of water and plant-derived ingredients that are gentle to the hair and scalp. With all the natural ingredients, it is a hair product range that provides natural moisture and shine. Most importantly, Botanist’s products is silicone-free and, sulfate-free plus it is also a well balanced product that is gentle to the environment. The Botanist Botanical Shampoo and Treatment have two different types, which is Smooth and Moist. The Botanist Botanical Moist series provides high moisturizing to dry hair, it also helps to repairs damaged hair and gives it a soft finish. Right now I’m using the Botanist Botanical Smooth series will giving the hair for a light, natural shine and silky smooth finish. 

My hair is thin, soft and damaged. The top of my head is flattened and I have sensitive scalp. I have been using it for a week, and I love how soft the shampoo feels on my hair and scalp, the scent is sweet, fresh and pleasant. 

Follow with the Botanist Treatment Smooth for the silky smooth finish. My hair looked softer before hair drying, and I felt my hair is super lightweight, smooth, shine and easy to style after drying! 

If you’re looking for natural and silicone-free and sulfate-free hair product, I highly recommend the Botanist Botanical range to you! You can experience it yourself. Trust me, you will love the signature double green apple and rose or apple and berry scents. For those who are interested to try, you can get it at all Sephora Malaysia stores and Sephora Malaysia online at RM78 each! Good news is there’s a gift with a purchase of Botanist’s products while stocks lasts. 

Their official site for more info: Botanist Official 


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