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After plenty of wrong purchases and fashion missteps, we have found that knowing your style goes a long way. Well, we don't consider ourselves are stylish pros, but we like to consider ourselves to be fairly well-dressed persons. But still, we make mistakes and will never stop from learning new fashion and clothing tricks. 

Our biggest-worst fashion mistake were the most common fashion mistake - follow the trends too much! We know trends are fun to read on any fashion website, and shopping is a perfect time to relax yourself, but it will require a great deal of money to keep up with those trends. Let's face it: most of the trends aren't for everyone. The trends we're dying to keep up with were all started by someone somehow. And that's their style. We know it sounds a little bit cliche, but individually is important. What's the point to copy other's fashion identity? Just because some celebrities are wearing it, it doesn't mean you can pull it off. Plus, there is nothing more driving you crazy to seeing a bunch of people wearing the same item which you have just bought. 

Don't despair! Those fashion mistakes are not end of the world. We used to splurged all our salaries on new clothes. We admit we were fashion victims and being too much on those trends. Yet, we still make mistakes, but we've learned to handle the fashion mistakes like a pro, and most importantly those mistakes helps us to understand who we are not, be more cooler, be creative, and express our style. It is important to express your personality and style with items which suit you best, rather than be influenced by celebrities, designers and other who. Again, we are not seasonal dressers - we don't care much about the trends, but we do look at them. We will only buy a trendy item if we are sure we can make it work in our wardrobe. Just remember: knowing your style means knowing that what you really love today and will love forever. 

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