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Hello loves! I'm guessing you know the main reason we went to Johor Bahru is because of the Elegantology Party. It was definitely a fashion event that I was highly expecting and looking forward to. This is my third time to attended their fashion event, and I absolutely love the direction where they are taking high fashion and amazing gastronomy together, and presenting all of it in the event. I blogged about the Elegantology huge launch party and Elegantology White Elegance party last year. Even though it was just a few months ago, Elegantology just held another exclusive party last Friday at Live Club, Danga Bay, Johor Bahru. I was so happy that they invited me again to the event where there were a fashion show featuring 4 designers, delicious appetizers an socializing while I was sipping Martell VSOP from beginning till the end. 

This time, it was the Blue Elegance theme of the Elegantology party. Everyone knows I have a blue hair but I have no elegant blue outfits, so I was digging around my wardrobe and ended up putting all my blue pieces together to create this blue look!

The party started off with celebrity chefs Jonny Fua and Sherson Lian, where they did live culinary demonstrations while the host Xandria Ooi gave some cooking tips.

I love this creative idea! Models are serving delicious canap├ęs from theer wearable trays.

After that, the fashion show started. Reshmonu was one of the performers for the night, his performance wowed the crowd so much that they were dancing along and were having a great time. The menswear collection presented here was designed by a few of our greatest local designers Beatice Looi, Hayden Koh, Justin Yap and Jason Zeck Lee.

Right after the fashion show, the designers choose 6 men with the best attire of the night and they won a limited edition Martell VSOP Nuit and RM200 Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant voucher. Then, the night ended with DJ Amely from Ukraine spinning.

The group picture with celebrity chefs, celebrities, designers and models.

It was such an unexpected fun night full of amazing pieces of the menwear fashion show, good food, Martell drinks with my girls. Thanks Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant invited me to such a wonderful party. Had a really fun time with all my lovely girlfriends.

I've totally fallen in love with the color blue.


Yaalloween Halloween


Halloween is done and over. Every year we look forward to celebrating Halloween because it is a wonderfully fun time for everyone. Dressing up for Halloween is a tradition that everyone looks forward to. I think that Halloween is special for fashion lovers, because you can be anything you want to dress up and party down. This year, I decided to attend YaaSui's Yaalloween Party at 69 Bistro. Yaalloween is a fun and spooky night for fashion lovers. It is a night that is based around embracing scary decoration, faint lights, awesome musics and those interesting and scariest costumes. 

Talk about costume, forget pretty or slutty Halloween costume. This year I was going to be the Hell Girl, also known as Jigoku Shojo. It's an anime character Ai Emma. The makeup is what gives your Halloween a real wow-effect. I was in super-pale face and mixing red and black eyeshadows to achieved a ghostly face. I think this is my personal best costumes for Halloween so far.

Pictures taken by Tony Wong B
More pictures visit Yaa Sui

Happy Holiday everyone. 




A couple of days ago, Duo Gigs are excited to joined the ''Yaa Sui Yaa-lympic Party'' at 69 Bistro. This is the third times Yaa Sui party organized by Lah Lah Land. It was a new party in town. The party is better than any dress up party I've been to. Those people in party didn't follow the mainstream fashion trend, they just dresses up whatever they like. This is why I love Yaa Sui Party, because there's no right or wrong when it comes to fashion. As you know, this is our second times went to Yaa Sui party, and this time the party theme of the night is all about ''Sporty''! It always crazy and excited to see everyone put so much effort to dress well according to the party theme. Duo Gigs dressed up as Baseball Girls, I think this is the most easier athlete to style. I knew my outfit wouldn't be able to beat those people in the Yaa-lympic party, but the party and those people outfits always inspired me. Here's the pictures we snapped during the party, enjoy!

It was such a fun and unforgettable night for us. Congratulation to Ashley won the ''Best Dressed'' of the night. For more pictures please visit Yaa Sui Facebook Page
Happy Thursday everyone. 
Hope you guys have a nice day. 

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