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This month is going to be busy for us, which means is a good thing for us. We've got a lot of amazing surprise waiting for you. Well, this will be the last post of the Mercedes Benz Asia Fashion Week. On our second day in STYLO Asia Fashion Week, I was looking forward to discover the various collections and also curious to see the difference of the first day. Moreover, the fashion show is the spot where every fashionista meets. I love to see all the beautiful people, models, editors and fashion lovers around the street wearing beautiful clothes and fancy shoes. 
I felt to wear something monotone, feminine and delicate. The Zara pleated skirt paired with Zara chunky top, Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike boots and 3.1 Phillip Lim pashli mini satchel bag. Minimalism but still brought out my feminine side and modern at the same time. 

The fashion shows was the highlight of the night. All the collections is elegant and modern. I had the impression of seeing the BENTEN AND Silas Liew gorgeous collection. 

Yii by Malaysia designer Alan Ooi.

Joel Escobar from Philippines. 

Q Design & Play from Thailand. 

Liu Wei from China. 

Fairuz Ramdan from Malaysia

Pictures with my loves Nana, Ai Leng, Ashely, Jane and Kittie. 

That's it! A wonderful night that I am really happy to share with you guys. Apologize for the bad quality picture, I was sat on the seats is quite hard to snap beautiful pictures. Thanks to Mercedes Benz and STYLO invited me to such an amazing and fashion event. It was an amazing evening full of surprises and inspirations. 


Sporty & Casual Look In Singapore


 Topshop versatile jacket // Void the Brand basic tanks // Zara skort // 3.1 Phillip Lim mini pashli satchel // Steve Madden sneakers //

A quick snap of what I'm wearing in Singapore last weekend. I love to wearing looks like these, involve versatile jacket with just fun, sporty and casual look. Feel free to wear sneaker and skort at the moment, the Zara skort has become one of my favorite pieces in my closet, because this is such an easy piece to throw on for a casual and comfy look. Well, there's some place I'm not satisfied with the is my flatty straight hair, I have no enough of time to curl my hair because I was rush in time to catch the morning flight. I think the look will more better with the beautiful wavy curl.
I'm planning on having an easy weekend, because I was so exhausted this week. I guess I need more time to myself. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy your Monday.

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Black & White Monotone


I'm in the mood for monotone dressing lately, actually white monotone is a big trend in this year. I have some white pieces in my closet but I'm not often to wear them. Monotone doesn't mean that it has to be all-black, simple black and white would be prefect. I was wearing a beautiful vest blazer from Zara, I really like this basic kind of blazer, super comfy and perfect to spice up simplicity. The white short you've probably seen a thousand times, but it doesn't really matter to me. I love the short are so versatile and much more interesting than the usual black skinnies that I love to wear.

Quick snap a few photo with Daphne. We are in black and white. 

Zara vest blazer // Zara shorts // Zara chiffon sleeveless shirts // 3.1 Phillip Lim mini pashli satchel // Balenciaga bracelet // Agape boots // SUPER sunglasses //

Happy Wednesday!

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Piece From Joe Chia

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Today I wanted to share with you a look I wore last month. It's been over a week but I figured better than never right? I found the prefect designed shirt from Joe Chia's workshop. This is one of the piece from Joe Chia Chapter 2 Collection. I got these shirt in April and have been wanting to wear them but don't have right occasion to wear it. Enough of waiting. As a girl who doesn't like to wear their new clothes instantly, So I wore it to have lunch with my friends.

The reason I'm in love with these short because it don't have to put much effort to style. It's a designed piece just paired with knee-length skirt that is enough for the modern look. These shirt can wear it as outerwear if you want to. By the way, this is an unisex piece or I can say Joe Chia collection is unisex.

Joe Chia unisex shirt // leatherette knee-length skirt from Bkk // 3.1 Phillip Lim mini pashli satchel // Agape Boutique boots //

I'm gonna attend his runway show on next Saturday. Can't wait check out his latest collection. 
See you guys there.

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